The International Mobile Services Association is an emerging bi-national group with the purpose of researching, assessing, and identifying best practice models of mobile response services that support or are alternatives to traditional 911 emergency response services. Additionally, the association seeks to promote networking and cooperation among providers, jurisdictions and allied stakeholders.

What are Mobile Services? 

Mobile crisis services encompass a variety of services that respond to immediate needs and crisis situations in the community. Mobile crisis services can include street outreach vans that provide supplies and support to the homeless, mental health agencies that provide in-person mobile response to clients in suicidal crisis (either immediately or within 24 hours), police programs that pair a clinician with a police officer to respond to mental health related calls, and hospital-based services that provide crisis services in the community. A mobile crisis service is simply any service that works with high-needs populations and meets them where they’re at, in their own space, to get them the help they need in a moment of crisis or distress.

Why Join the International Mobile Services Association? 

  • Monthly IMSA Talks with expert speakers + Q&A
    • IMSA Talks uses ZOOM to host online meetings where MSA members can hear from mobile service experts, ask questions and discuss issues.
  • Access to archive of news and academic articles
  • Annual international conference
    • With sufficient interest by members, the MSA Annual Conference will launch in 2021
  • Directory of mobile medical crisis intervention services
  • Monthly emailed national newsletter
  • Resource panel of conference speakers, subject area and field experts
  • Support study, testing and maintenance of a fidelity model
  • Certification of fidelity implementation
  • Access to materials from member agencies
    • Presentation materials
    • Promotional materials
    • Budgeting documents
    • Planning documents
    • RFPs & contracts
    • Data from active mobile services