Q: How does membership billing work?

A:Renewals – Advocate Level and Peer Level memberships will get renewal reminders via email with a link to renew a membership online.

Invoicing – Organization Level memberships will receive a hard-copy invoice through postal mail to renew a membership.

Q: What do these different levels get for their membership?

Q: I noticed my payment was to the Mental Health Association of Portland, not the Alternative Mobile Services Association. What’s that about? 

A:The Mental Health Association of Portland is an Oregon nonprofit organization and the fiscal agent for the Alternative Mobile Services Association.

Q: Who can join in AMSA Talks?

A: AMSA Talks is a benefit of membership with the Alternative Mobile Services Association. Members of AMSA can participate. Member Levels define the number of users who can individually access the website and participate in AMSA Talks.

Q: I’d like my program to be featured on a future AMSA Talks. How can that happen?

A:A: Let us know your agency is interested and we’ll set up a call to discuss how to make it work.