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Jason Renaud
Jason Renaud
Jason Renaud is a nonprofit consultant with over 35 years of open recovery from alcoholism. He’s a well-known public speaker and writer on recovery from alcoholism and the experience of people with mental illness, and is an active advocate for people who have fallen through the cracks in the public safety net.

Jason is a coordinator of the International Mobile Services Association.

He has been the board secretary of the Mental Health Association of Portland since 2003 and is the organization’s voluntary managing director. He coordinates five enduring projects for the organization; the Law & Mental Health Conference – in 2021 on Reducing the Impact of Alcohol on State and Local Governments; the Public Housing Conference – in 2021 on Recovery Residences; the Mental Health Alliance which advises courts and government agencies on police reform; Washington Recovery Services, which owns and operates housing for women exiting homelessness and addiction.

Renaud worked in managerial positions for diverse organizations, including three executive positions for the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, the Washington State Department of Corrections, the Chicano Concilio on Alcohol & Drug Abuse, The Oregonian newspaper, Central City Concern, and Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare. In 2010 he ran for Portland City Council on a police reform platform. In 2014 Renaud produced the award-winning documentary Alien Boy: The Life and Death of James Chasse. He has been amicus to US DOJ v City of Portland since 2015. He is a former CIT trainer, and has been trainer for the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training since 2017.

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503-367-6128 – PO Box 3641 Portland, Oregon 97208

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